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Awarded the British Iris Society's Foster Memorial Plaque (2010) and their Hybridisers Award (2016)
Awarded the American Iris Society's Hybridiser Award (2019)

Dec 31, 2019
I've been quite tied up the past couple of months. The website update you see here was ready at the end of August. There's still a few things that need to be done, but I don't know when I'll have time to get to them (e.g. adding measurements for some of the more interesting new hybrids; additional information about the tetraploids; etc.). So in the interest of letting you see photos of 2019's new blooms, I am posting what I currently have. It's quite likely I won't have time for any further updates until the later half of 2020.

One new feature is, at the top left of 'Individuals' pages and the 'Siblings' pages, there is a link to the appropriate 'By Year, etc' page. This will potentially help you to more seamlessly pop around between various pages. e.g. 2012's in the case of 12-JG-1.

Once again Leopard (12-IO-1) was wonderful (click link or see photos at bottom of page).

Out of all of this year's hybrids blooming for the very first time 14-KV-1 was my favourite. It seems to be a pattern break -> white standards and styles, and a coloured (yellow) fall. The "brown" markings are of course from Orange Glow and ultimately come from the Çat Retic (ANM2175). Of course in this case the standards are just hairs (Iris danfordiae heritage), but normal standards should be possible at points in future generations (my focus is on colour and pattern breaks, not in trying to ensure "normal" standards).

Another seeming break is 09-KT-3. It's a very unique colour combination. Goodness know where we'll be able to from here, but that's the fun of hybridizing. Key is to open up new possibilities and see where they all lead.

I was particularly keen to work with the Hop Pass Retic. It has bulblets like 2n=18 Retics, but based on my crosses it's uncertain what its chromosome count is

Sep 21, 2019 I had a wonderful time giving a talk to The Nova Scotia Rock Garden Club.

May 20, 2020 I will be speaking to the Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA) at the 2020 American Iris Society (AIS) Convention which is being held at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriot. 2020 is AIS' centennial. The 3 following days entail garden tours, with a banquet on the last day where I will be presented with the 2019 AIS Hybridizer Award.

Sadly Anne Blanco White passed away on Christmas day. She was a stalwart of the British Iris Society and of the Iris world in general. I had the pleasure of staying with her for a few days in each of the past 4 years. It was always quite enjoyable chatting with Anne in the evening in her front room. Quite often if we happened to talk about Irises, she would have some reading assignments set out for me the next morning -- which speaks to her extensive knowledge and personal library of books and peiodicals. We first corresponded back in early 1985, which is 35 years ago!

Lost ?
  • Click the link By Year, etc. here or at the lower left to see my hybrids ordered by the year they were hybridized
  • Another good place to start is The Big Picture
  • Try exploring the links. See the parents, and grandparents of a variety. In a number of cases you can even see a hybrid's children. For example Storm (98-NP-2)

Original14-KV-1    F5-62/12/25/0
08-AZ-1 x 98-OO-1

Original09-HK-2    F3-50/25/25/0
98-NP-6 x 98-NP-4

Some Of 2019's Wonderful New Hybrids

(Click photos to enlarge them)

Original09-KT-3    F3-50/38/12/0
97-CQ-1 x 03-AJ-1

Original14-AA-1    F5-50/38/18/0
03-EI-3 x 08-AZ-1

OriginalSmile (03-CC-3) Tetra    F3-50/38/12/0
89-AC-1 x 98-NP-4

Original01-IV-1 Tetra    F2-75/25/0/0
91-FC Dark Blue x danfordiae Atilla

OriginalHop Pass

OriginalHop Pass

01-IR/JR x 01-IV-3

Original04 Red Brown with Orange

Original13-NL-1    F3-44/31/25/0
98-NP-2 x 04-CP-1

OriginalLeopard (12-IO-1) Apr 2, 2019
98-NP-2 x 03-HW-1

OriginalLeopard (12-IO-1) Apr 6, 2019
98-NP-2 x 03-HW-1

OriginalLeopard (12-IO-1) Apr 9, 2019
98-NP-2 x 03-HW-1

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Where to Buy (2018 & 2019)

Large-scale sales of a few of my hybrids are under way. It takes over 12 years to multiply 1 bulb to 30,000. It would be nice if some of the amazing 2016 and 2017 hybrids were available now, but you have to be patient -- there was only 1 flower of each variety in the whole world in those years. In the meantime there are many amazing hybrids available now, such as Eye Catcher, Sea Breeze, White Caucasus, etc., with many more to come. In coming years you can look forward to: Holland Glory / Holland's Glorie, Lilac Beauty, Wow, It's Magic, Pièce de Résistance, and more.

New for 2018 is On Cloud Nine

Reticulatas are a welcome pick-me-up to the end of Winter / start of Spring, blooming right as the snow disappears. Even better yet, you can enjoy a small pot indoors while snow swirls around outside, reminding you of all the wonderful things that will soon be blooming outdoors.

I look forward to bring you more of my unique creations, as together, we show Dutch bulb growers as well retailers around the world, that there is a strong demand for them.

Available in modest quantity:
Limited availability in 2018

Dutch Bulb Grower:
Europe:    And fine retail nuseries: Broadleigh, Pottertons, and Rare Plants

North America:

(Click photos to enlarge them)

Originalin 03 by step

Original13-NA-1    F3-50/38/12/0
94-AT-1 x 98-NP-3

OriginalRHS - Hyde Hall


OriginalField in Holland

Original13-CP-1    F4-63/31/6/0
00-JF-1 x 05-CP-1

Original12-JY-2    F5-50/38/12/0
98-NP-2 x 06-C-1