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Awarded the British Iris Society's Foster Memorial Plaque (2010) and their Hybridisers Award (2016)
Awarded the American Iris Society's Hybridiser Award (2019)

Dec 20, 2015 - Welcome
Added "Stock Photos" and "Popped Photos."

There will be a write up about my work in the February 2016 issue of The Garden, followed by a more comprehensive article in the March issue of The Plantsman. Both are publications of the Royal Horticulture Society in England.

Update: Click the cover to read Phil Clayton's article and see some photos taken last year in London [1.6 MB, so it will take a moment or two to download]

I will be speaking at the RHS show in London on Feb 16 and 17, and at the show in Dunblane Scotland on Feb 20. ...and, two talks are planned for Feb 27, at the Alpine Garden Society show in Harlow just to the north of London!

Sep 1, 2015
As usual, it wasn't until late Summer while at a rented cottage that I had time to update my website as well as process this year's successful crosses. Each task requires a significant amount of work. The latter involves entering the crosses (successful and unsuccessful) in a database, and writing up metal tags ready for planting in the Fall.

This year's highlight occurred when 10-BL-1 opened. As you can see in the picture below, initially the fall blade unfurled prior to the flower fully opening. I happened to lift the dish pan covering it at just the right time! Another amazing new hybrid was 09-OD-1. It's large fall blotching seems quite unusual. The goal is to keep creating new unusual colours and patterns, and I seem to be doing that. Too bad I'm not seeing more enthusiasm from Dutch bulb growers. I understand they're focused on the large-scale commercial market. They consider my hybrids to just be novelty items with limited marketability. I hope in the long run I can prove them wrong. It's too bad Reticulatas aren't good for the cut flower trade, but they are used in Europe for the pot market. Here in North America people aren't inclined to buy potted flowers. Unfortunately today it's a tougher market than ever. Wholesalers and Exporters just want to buy at the lowest possible price. They want the cheapest blue and the cheapest purple. So-to-speak the customers suffer. It's a bit of a vicious cycle. If all you can get is the "same old, same old" why bother, which leads to a smaller and smaller market.

From my point-of-view Variety is the spice of life.

A major step in the direction of orange is 08-FW-2. Yes, it is a purple, but it's orange ground is the "orangiest" and longest lasting to-date. Instead of fading in less than a day like Orange Glow (98-OO-1), I would say it lasted at least 2 days. Imagine taking this flower, turning the purple off, and just being left with orange! Click on the link under the photo to see how its orange compares on an RHS colour chart.

05-FD-1 was a treat, with it's green accents and hints of orange. Up until this point hybrids hinting at orange have had brown accents.

I quite liked 09-CZ-1, along with 10-DA-1, and 08-EJ-1.

07-BQ-2 is quite striking.

So many wonderful new hybrids!

Now, if only I can successfully market them. Too bad it takes so long to build up stock of each; fortunately we have some nice stocks coming along of varieties that bloomed for the first time 10 years ago. Many others are currently being trialed.

I continue to be quite mezmorized by 05-GT-1 with it's bicolour standards. It's just too bad it isn't a more showy colour. Click for this year's pictures

Back in February a number of my hybrids were given awards by the Joint Rock Plant Committee. Click for more info.

Lost ?
  • Click the link By Year, etc. here or at the lower left to see my hybrids ordered by the year they were hybridized
  • Another good place to start is The Big Picture
  • Try exploring the links. See the parents, and grandparents of a variety. In a number of cases you can even see a hybrid's children. For example Storm (98-NP-2)

98-NP-2 x 03-HW-1

Original10-BL-1    F4-62/19/19/0
98-NP-2 x 03-HW-1

Some Of 2015's Wonderful New Hybrids

(Click photos to enlarge them)

Original09-OD-1    F3-50/25/25/0
98-NP-2 x 98-NP-6

98-NP-2 x 98-NP-6

Original09-CZ-1    F4-68/32/0/0
98-LQ-1 x 02-EY-1

Original10-DA-1    F4-56/25/18/0
03-BK-2 x 03-BO-1

Original08-EJ-1    F4-56/44/0/0
01-DS-1 x 02-EO-2

Original08-FW-2    F4-50/44/6/0
02-CA-1 x 01-BC-1
! Orange ground !

Original05-FD-1    F3-75/13/12/0
98-KC-2 x 98-EO-2

Original10-CU-1    F4-56/38/6/0
03-CC-5 x 03-FP-3

Original10-AU-1    F4-50/38/12/0
03-EF-1 x 03-CC-5

03-CP-3 x 03-EK-2

Original10-CK-3    F4-63/25/12/0
03-BA-1 x 03-BN-1

Original09-CW-1    F4-50/25/25/0
98-NP-4 x 03-EU-2

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Where to Buy

I am glad to report large-scale sales of my hybrids have started. It has taken over 15 years to multiply 1 bulb to over 200,000. Now you too can enjoy my hybrids, just as I have.

They are a welcome pick-me-up to the end of Winter / start of Spring, blooming right as the snow disappears. Even better yet, you can enjoy a small pot indoors while snow swirls around outside, reminding you of all the wonderful things that will soon be blooming outdoors.

I look forward to bring you more of my unique creations, as together, we show Dutch bulb growers that there is a strong demand for them.

Available in quantity:
Limited availability in 2015

Dutch Bulb Growers:
Europe:    And fine retail nuseries: Broadleigh, Pottertons, and Rare Plants

North America:

(Click photos to enlarge them)

OriginalAlan McMurtrie holding White Caucasus
Photo by Arie Dwarswaard

OriginalMars Landing (00-KV-3)
91-FC Dark Blue x 96-SD-1

OriginalFireworks (07-BQ-2)    F3-50/50/0/0
00-HB-2 x 01-IV-2

Original08-BH-1    F4-50/44/6/0
sxd x 03-CC-1

Original07-V-4    F4-69/25/6/0
01-BE-4 x {02-GH-2 & 02-GH-1}

Original2001 Fluorescent