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Reticulata Iris

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Awarded the British Iris Society's Foster Memorial Plaque (2010)
Awarded the British Iris Society's Hybridisers Award (2016)

Sep 1, 2016 - Welcome
The March issue of The Plantsman contained an article I wrote and Mike Grant edited, titled Breeding New Reticulata Irises. Click the first page to read it.

There were a number of highlights this year. One was discovering an Eye Catcher with light yellow falls when I was looking over the planting in Holland. Another was seeing Tequila Sunrise (09-LE-2) in bloom for the first time. It looked like someone had glued parts of two different flowers together. Other highlights were seeing Dream Catcher (10-AX-2), 10-CR-1, and 11-GN-3 for the first time. These, as well as several others below, are marked strides forward in my breeding program.

My hybrids were recommended for a number of awards:
Royal Horticultural Society Early Spring Show, London England Feb 16 & 17
Pristine and Velvet Smile were recommended for Preliminary Commendations

Scottish Rock Garden, Dunblane Scotland Feb 20, 2016
Spot On was recommended for an Award of Merit, and Scent•sational was recommended for a Preliminary Commendation

Loughborough Show on March 5th in England
White Caucasus was recommended for a Preliminary Commendation

Check out some of the show photos on the first page of 2016 bloom

Several talks are lined up for 2017
• March 13 (Monday), British Columbia Iris Society, at the Pacific Forestry Research Center in Victoria starting at 11:45AM -- special 2 hour presentation including Reticulata Iris in the wild, why polyploids, etc. (things that can't fit in a 1 hour presentation)
• May 8 (Monday), Alpine Garden Club of Vancouver Island in Qualcom Beach (just north of Nanaimo)
• May 9 (Tuesday), Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society (VIRAGS), in Victoria
• May 10 (Wednesday), Alpine Garden Club of B.C., Van Dusen Botanic gardens in Vancouver, B.C.
• Oct 21 (Saturday), Ottawa Valley Rock Garden and Horticultural Society (OVRGHS)

Lost ?
  • Click the link By Year, etc. here or at the lower left to see my hybrids ordered by the year they were hybridized
  • Another good place to start is The Big Picture
  • Try exploring the links. See the parents, and grandparents of a variety. In a number of cases you can even see a hybrid's children. For example Storm (98-NP-2)

Jacques Amand stand
RHS London, Feb 16-17, 2016

Lentetuin, Breezand Holland
March 3-7, 2016

Some Of 2016's Wonderful New Hybrids

(Click photos to enlarge them)

Eye Catcher - Sport
91-FC-7 x 88-AX-3

Tequila Sunrise (09-LE-2)
03-CV-4 x 03-EK-1

Dream Catcher (10-AX-2)
spilled seeds

spilled seeds

02-ID-3 x 05-HW-1


94-HW-1 x 05-EN-1

94-AT-2 x 98-OO-1

02-ID-1 x 03-AJ-1

98-NP-4 x 03-BN-1

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Where to Buy (2017)

I am glad to report large-scale sales of my hybrids have started. It has taken over 15 years to multiply 1 bulb to over 200,000. Now you too can enjoy my hybrids, just as I have.

They are a welcome pick-me-up to the end of Winter / start of Spring, blooming right as the snow disappears. Even better yet, you can enjoy a small pot indoors while snow swirls around outside, reminding you of all the wonderful things that will soon be blooming outdoors.

I look forward to bring you more of my unique creations, as together, we show Dutch bulb growers that there is a strong demand for them.

Available in quantity:
Limited availability in 2017

Dutch Bulb Grower:
Europe:    And fine retail nuseries: Broadleigh, Pottertons, and Rare Plants

North America:

(Click photos to enlarge them)

03-HW-1 x 05-GQ-1

94-HW-2 x 98-EO-2

94-AT-2 x 98-OO-1

94-AT-2 x 98-OO-1

94-HW-1 x 05-GQ-2

95-unknown-1 x 04-EN-1