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Word 97
Word 97

Reticulata Iris

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Awarded the British Iris Society's Foster Memorial Plaque (2010)

Feb 27, 2015 - Welcome
I'm pleased to tell you my hybrid Sea Green (97-CQ-1) was recommended for an Award of Merit by the Joint Rock Garden Plant Committee on Feb 20 at a Royal Horticulture Society show in London, England. The committee also recommended Preliminary Commendations for Eye Catcher (98-NP-4), Storm (98-NP-2), Sunshine (00-HW-1) and Spot On (87-DQ-1).

You may be interested to know that disappointingly, as of last year, two large-scale Dutch bulb growers had rejected Sea Green and Storm. They would probably say those ones are more suitable for small-scale dry bulb sales. Fortunately they are indeed currently being grown by a small-scale grower; although I'm NOT connected with that grower.

The good news is large-scale sales of the others is starting, along with White Caucasus (which couldn't be shown because it wasn't far enough along), and Scent•sational [officially registered as Scent Sational].

The current step is getting them into the supply chain, and having exporters and wholesalers make them available to their clients. It's then a matter of getting those clients to make them available to the buying public. We also need to start supplying green growers (bulb forcers) in various countries

You may be interested to know it was 30 years ago (1985), that I first went plant collecting in Turkey with a primary goal of trying to find a diploid form of Iris danfordiae. With the help of some locals near the end of the trip I was indeed successful. A few bulbs were given to Kew and it was established once and for all that 2n=18. Several other Retics collected on the trip have been important contributers to what I have acheived to-date.

Note: added 'Where To Buy' to the home page, plus the two photo pages Multi 4x6" and Multi 16x20"

Lost ?
Click the link By Year, etc. at the lower left to see my hybrids ordered by the year they were hybridized
Another good place to start is The Big Picture

Award of Merit
Sea Green (97-CQ-1)

89-F-4 x 89-F-3

Preliminary Commendation
Eye Catcher (98-NP-4)

91-FC-7 x 88-AX-3

RHS Show Feb 20-21 London, England

(Click photos to enlarge them)

Preliminary Commendation
Spot On (87-DQ-1)

'Purple Gem' x bakeriana ANMc2275

Preliminary Commendation
Storm (98-NP-2)

'Purple Gem' x bakeriana ANMc2275

Preliminary Commendation
Sunshine (00-HW-1)

91-FC x 96-SD-1

Yours Truly

Jacques Amand stand displaying some of my hybrids
(the moss is strictly decorative)

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Where to Buy

I am glad to report large-scale sales of my hybrids have started. It has taken over 15 years to multiply 1 bulb to over 200,000. Now you too can enjoy my hybrids, just as I have.

They are a welcome pick-me-up to the end of Winter / start of Spring, blooming right as the snow disappears. Even better yet, you can enjoy a small pot indoors while snow swirls around outside, reminding you of all the wonderful things that will soon be blooming outdoors.

I look forward to bring you more of my unique creations, as together, we show Dutch bulb growers that there is a strong demand for them.

Available now:

Limited availability in 2015

North America:
  • soon...

(Click photos to enlarge them)

Naturalized Setting in Paris, France

Nice Clumping