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Sophenensis x Danfordiae Hybrids

Sophenensis x danfordiae (sxd) crosses are fertile. The first generation (F1) were "just blues", ranging from light blue to dark blue. As expected, the expression is opening up in the second generation (F2). In 2002 the number of F2s increased by 36, bringing the total to 57! They can be grouped into 7 basic categories: whites with blue markings; whites; yellow-blues; danfordiae-like; light blue-green; blue; and miscellaneous.
See the article 'A Whole New World' for more details.

(Click photos to enlarge them)

OriginalOn Cloud Nine (98-GP-5)    F2-75/25/0/0
89-F-2 x danfordiae Atilla

Original98-CP-4    F2-75/25/0/0
91-FC-3 x danfordiae Atilla

Original98-LQ-3    F2-75/25/0/0
danfordiae x {91-FC-4 & 89-Q-3}

Original00-JF-2    F2-75/25/0/0
89-AC-5/13 x danfordiae Atilla

Original01-PO in with    F2-50/50/0/0
Tip of flower was eaten by a bug

Original98-GP-17    F2-75/25/0/0
89-F-2 x danfordiae Atilla

Original01-EW-1    F2-50/50/0/0
89-F-2 x Çat ANMc2175

Original98-FE-1    F2-75/25/0/0
89-F-2 x danfordiae Atilla

Original98-FN-4    F2-50/0/50/0
89-Q-2 x 91-FC-4

Original98-Q-1    F2-75/25/0/0
92-CX-2 x danfordiae Atilla

Original00-FP-1    F3-62/38/0/0
92-EG-1 x 96-BN-1

Original00-BC-3    F2-50/50/0/0
91-DW-1 x 88-AX (wrong parentage)

Original00-ML-1    F2-50/50/0/0
sxd x self

Original98-FX-1    F3-63/37/0/0
89-Q-5 x 93-DZ-1 (96?)

Original00-AA-1    F3-62/38/0/0
89-Q-5 x 96-SD-1

Original00-AC-1    F2-50/50/0/0
92-CI-2 x 94-AF-3

Original00-IX-1    F2-75/25/0/0
89-F-3 x danfordiae Atilla

91-FC-1 x danfordiae Atilla

Original97-H-3    F2-50/50/0/0
89-F-3 x 91-FC-1

Original02-CW-1    F3-63/25/12/0
94-AF-5 x 97-VS-1

Original01-JB-4    F3-50/50/0/0
91-FC Dark Blue x 95-CS-1

Original00-FN-1    F2-75/25/0/0
danfordiae ANMc2325 x 89-AC-9

Original00-AN-2    F3-75/25/0/0
danfordiae Atilla x 94-HW-1

Original00-DC-1    F3-50/50/0/0
94-AF-4 x 94-HW-1

(Click photos to enlarge them)

Original01-IH-1    F2-50/50/0/0
89-AC-14/15 x 94-AF-5

Original01-PX-1    F3-62/38/0/0
89-Q-5 x 96-BN-2

Original01-EP-3    F2-50/50/0/0
89-F-5 x 94-AF-5

Original01-EN-1    F2-50/25/25/0
89-F-2 x 88-AX-3

OriginalNorth Star (00-BC-1)    F2-50/50/0/0
91-DW-1 x 88-AX (wrong parentage)

Original00-IX-3    F2-75/25/0/0
89-F-3 x danfordiae Atilla

Original00-JP-3    F3-62/38/0/0
89-F-3 x 96-BN-1

Original00-MR-3    F2-75/25/0/0
89-Q-7 x danfordiae Atilla

Original00-HP-2    F2-50/50/0/0
91-FC-7 x ?

Original01-BE-1    F3-88/12/0/0
danfordiae Atilla x 95-unknown-1

Original01-JX-1    F2-50/50/0/0
89-AC-8 like x ?

Original01-MW-1    F3-38/12/50/0
Çat ANMc2175 x {97-AG-2 & 94-HW-1}

Original00-II-2    F2-76/12/12/0
88-AX-2 x 96-SD-1

Original00-KS-2    F3-62/38/0/0
91-FC x 96-BN-1

Original00-BO or BV    F2-75/25/0/0
danfordiae x 94-HW-1

Original00-DA-1    F3-50/50/0/0
94-AF-2 x 94-HW-1

Original01-JB-5    F3-50/50/0/0
91-FC Dark Blue x 95-CS-1

Original00-LB-1B    F2-50/50/0/0

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